Dreamland Essentials Gift Bundle

Dreamland Essentials Gift Bundle

Lull yourself to sleep with Innerfyre Co’s Dreamland Essentials Gift Bundle, featuring the aromatherapeutic benefits of natural, lavender essential oil. Set a peaceful tone for sleep with a relaxing shower steamer or a dreamy candle, and head off to bed with a touch of calming essential oil on your wrist — the essentials for a good night’s sleep. 

Your gift bundle includes:

  • Sleep Lavender Candle, 1 x 200g
  • Inner Peace Shower Steamer, 2 x 30g tablets in an organza bag
  • Calm Essential Oil Roll-On, 1 x 10ml
  • Gift Box

Show you care. Gift the comfort of relaxation and sleep to someone in need of rest with our curated Dreamland Essentials Gift Bundle. Created with the caring benefits of lavender essential oils, this helpful little bundle is a gateway to stress relief and inner peace. It’s so good, you can’t resist dozing off.

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