Empowerment Boost Gift Bundle

Empowerment Boost Gift Bundle

Empower your loved ones to embrace new challenges and seize every opportunity with the Empowerment Boost Gift Bundle. This heartfelt collection is designed to inspire and uplift, perfect for showing unwavering support during milestones and celebrations.

Your Bundle Includes:

  • I AM UNSTOPPABLE Affirmation Candle (Peppermint, Blood Orange, Sage), 200g
  • You've Got This Shower Steamer (Grapefruit & Bergamot), box of 8
  • Citra IPA Fossa Chocolate
  • Gift Box


  • Encourages positivity and confidence
  • Empowering affirmations and refreshing scents
  • Includes a delightful treat for added enjoyment

Inspire confidence and cheer on your loved ones. Be there for them on their special moments in graduations, new job celebrations, birthdays, or any milestone with the Empowerment Boost Gift Bundle. Let the refreshing scents, empowering affirmations, and delightful flavors in this bundle encourage them to reach new heights and achieve their dreams.

Gift the Empowerment Boost Gift Bundle today and show your loved ones that you believe in them every step of the way. Shop now to spread positivity and encouragement with this thoughtful gesture.

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