Little Scent-ual Escapes Gift Bundle

Little Scent-ual Escapes Gift Bundle

The little breaks you take for yourself are as precious as they come. Infuse these moments with a bit of aromatherapy and sweetness — try our Little Scent-ual Escapes Gift Bundle. 

Soothe your frantic mind with a white tea reed diffuser whilst you dig in to rich chocolate or crunchy chips. If this is what makes you happy, gift the same to someone else, and make their day as good as a little aromatic escape.

Your gift bundle includes:

  • Balance White Tea Reed Diffuser, 1 x 50ml
  • Black Summer Truffle Potato Chips, 1 x 100g
  • Fossa Chocolate - Citra IPA, 1 x 50g
  • Gift Box

In moments of stress and overwhelm, treat yourself to a little aromatic escape. A perfect gift companion, this Little Scent-ual Escape is our idea of warmth and relaxation — whether you need chocolate for a birthday, a crunchy pack of chips to share with colleagues, or a gentle reed diffuser for home. Here’s one gift with it all.

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