Meditation Essentials Gift Bundle

Meditation Essentials Gift Bundle

A yogi, a meditation enthusiast, or anyone needing a space for calm contemplation — the Meditation Essentials Gift Bundle is for you. Made from earthy and grounding essential oils, this gift bundle holds the key to restore balance amidst the chaos of daily life.

Breathe in the gentle and tranquil aroma of palo santo, jasmine, and sandalwood, and be ready to transform your meditation session to one of true inner peace.

Your gift bundle includes:

  • Soothe Shower Steamer, 2 x 30g tablets in an organza bag
  • Meditate Palo Santo Candle, 1 x 200g
  • Meditate Essential Oil Roll-on, 1 x 10ml
  • Gift Box

If anything can bring you to calm serenity, it’s the Meditation Essentials Gift Bundle — a gift collection with a full-sized candle, shower steamers, and a handy essential oil roll-on. Today, you get to elevate your introspection with aromatherapy, and call forth clarity and inner peace to guide you through the day.

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