How to care for your house plants

#FlowerCrushFriday - How to care for your house plants

House plants are becoming a big part of interior design and styling. If you have house plant(s) in your home and have forgotten all about them because they have blended in so well with your furnitures, check on them now and give them some attention! (: 

Here are some tips on caring for your house plants! 

How to care for your house plants

1. After finding a spot for the plant, try not to move the plant as it will need time to adjust to the amount of sunlight and ventilation again. 

2. Insert a chopstick in the soil to check if your plants need to be watered. If the soil is dry, the chopstick will come out clean.

How to care for your house plants

3. Use pots with drainage holes so that excess water can be drained out. Put a plate under the pot to collect the excess water so that you will not have pooling water on the floor. 

4. Do some research on your plant to see what kind of soil, how much sunlight and water they will need as it differs from plant to plant!

Hope this helps to keep your house plant alive and your interior design looking amazing! (:



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