Quality Weekly and Monthly Fresh Flower Subscription in Singapore

Enjoy the scent of fresh blooms? Now, you do not have to travel out of Singapore to enjoy the relaxing fragrance. With our fresh flower subscription services, you can enjoy the fragrance of different flowers every single week for a period of one, three, or six months.

Why get it from us?

Freshest flowers

From seasonal blooms to perennial favourites, we use only the freshest and top-quality blooms in our flower subscription.

Curated designs

Whether you have gotten a weekly fresh flower subscription or a monthly fresh flower subscription, let us surprise you with our well-curated floral design that is handpicked for satisfaction.

Free same-day delivery

We guarantee freshness by ensuring that your order goes straight to your doorstep on the same day at no additional cost.

Hassle and fuss-free

All flowers are processed and de-thorned before you get them. Also, enjoy fresh flowers every week without having to go down to a physical store.

Save more

The longer you subscribe, the more you save. Also, the more flowers you order, the more you will save.

How does our fresh flower subscription work?

Three straightforward steps:

1. Select from the floral product you want: Currently, we offer mason jars and petite jars.

2. Select subscription type and duration: Are you going for a weekly flower subscription or a monthly flower subscription?

3. Sit back and wait to receive your fresh blooms: We offer free same-day delivery should you want your subscription to start on the day you place your order.

Why get everyday flower delivery from us?

Depending on your delivery frequency, we design different SURPRISE bunches of fresh blooms. Simply select your preferred product below for a pleasant surprise!

Here are some of our current offerings to give you an idea of what to expect in terms of style and size. While yours may not look identical to the images, we assure you they will be just as beautiful!

All flower subscriptions will come with free delivery as well as a vase, greeting card, and lots of fresh water to keep your flowers alive and beautiful.

Weekly fresh flower subscription

Our weekly fresh flower subscription guarantees you enjoy fresh flowers in season regularly. With different floral arrangements, depending on the types of flowers we receive that week, you get to brighten up your space, enjoying different fragrances and a fresh spirit.

Fortnightly fresh flower subscription

Opt for our fortnightly fresh flower subscription to receive in-season, fresh flowers every two weeks. This subscription option offers you a balance between variety and freshness without having the regular commitment of a frequent delivery schedule.

Monthly fresh flower subscription

With our free delivery service, you get to receive a monthly fresh flower arrangement featuring bloom additions that match the season. Enjoy the beauty of each bloom package and look forward to the next.

Ideal for any occasion

Our flower subscription services are ideal for celebrating and honouring every special moment in life. We are able to provide the ideal floral arrangement that will fit the special occasion, adding beauty and joy to those moments.

Whether you are thinking of getting our fresh flower subscription for corporate events, graduations, weddings, anniversaries, or birthdays, you will get access to the freshest, in-season blooms.

Get beautiful blooms and affordable rates

We assure you that our fresh flower subscriptions are not only of top quality but also of affordable rates. We believe that everybody can enjoy fresh and beautiful blooms in their offices or homes without having to break the bank.

Sign up for our fresh flower subscription in Singapore today!

No matter where you are located in Singapore, we can deliver your flowers straight to your doorstep. So, whether you are signing up for our fresh flower subscription for yourself or as a surprise for your loved one, we hope that we will impress!

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