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Top Corporate Flowers and Gifts in Singapore

We provide free same-day delivery of corporate flowers and gifts!

Why corporate flowers and gifts?

Corporate gifting has been a business tradition for a long time. The need to foster relationships with prospects and existing clients has become more crucial than before. The quickest way to build that connection is to show that you care through a customised, thoughtful corporate gift. However, many businesses find it hard to find the perfect corporate gift.

This is where we come in! We offer a wide range of corporate flowers and gifts in Singapore that can be tailored to your specific budget and needs – whether you are looking to congratulate your client on their business expansion or congratulate your employee on the birth of their newborn.

Bring a pop of colour to your clients, business partners, or employees’ day with our fresh and beautiful corporate flowers and gifts. We offer premium corporate flower arrangements that are handpicked and designed using only in-season blooms, catering to your corporate needs, such as:

  • • Work anniversary
  • • Shop or business opening
  • • Relationship management
  • • Gift box
  • • Décor flowers for corporate events and workspace
  • • Employee perks
  • • Corporate partnerships
  • • Annual dinner and dance

If you have in mind any other floral designs or require any customised flower gifts, do not hesitate to contact us to make an inquiry and get your free corporate flower delivery on the same day.

Why flowers for corporate events?

We believe that every floral arrangement opens an opportunity to share a captivating and unique story. Let us help you bring your brand’s narrative to life using our incredible floral arrangements. We offer customised flowers for corporate events in Singapore.

Transform your event space, impress your attendees, and create Insta-worthy opportunities with our corporate events flower designs.

Why get corporate flowers and gifts from us?

With at least a decade of experience in the industry, we have satisfied many customers, promising nothing but the best creative designs to help impress your intended recipient or to style your corporate event.

From dried and preserved flowers to fresh, in-season blooms, we have earned the trust of our customers. Our rapport is developed on the simple principle that we inspire beautiful moments through our nature-inspired and whimsical creations, bringing to our customers not only beauty but also the therapeutic effects that nature offers.

How do you choose flowers for your corporate event or gifts?

We offer a wide range of flowers for corporate events, from gerbera and tulips to sunflowers and roses. The flowers you pick depend on the corporate event you are hosting. For example, pink and big flowers will be appropriate if your client is launching their latest beauty product.

Nevertheless, each type of flower has its own meaning behind it. For example, lilies are most commonly associated with funerals. Hence, they are not appropriate for events or gifts unless you are sending your condolences.

Roses, while more commonly associated with romance, can also signify new beginnings, promises, and hope. They also come in various colours, such as red, purple, orange, pink, yellow, and white, making them highly versatile for corporate events and gifts.

Tulips are large, showy flowers that have a beautiful presence. Hence, they make an excellent décor for business events or even as a gift. Add in a mix of colours, from pink to yellow, and you will definitely impress your recipient or guests.

Hydrangeas encompass a wide range of significance, from gratitude and heartfelt emotion to abundance. If you are looking for corporate flower gifts, then they should definitely be included in the delivery.

Get your corporate flowers and gifts from us today!

No matter where your recipient is located in Singapore, we can deliver on the same day at no additional cost straight to their doorstep. Get your free corporate flower delivery in Singapore today!

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