9 Flowers You Can Get For Her That Represents Femininity

9 Flowers You Can Get For Her That Represents Femininity

Flowers, for centuries, have been associated with various messages and meanings. From optimism and happiness to devotion and love, each flower has its own associated meaning, character, and emotion.


In a previous article, we explored how you can get flowers that match their zodiac sign. Femininity is no different. While the term can mean different things to different people – there are no fixed sets of traits that can generalise every woman – there are many blooms that represent womanhood.


We do not need a special occasion to dictate us giving our loved ones flowers. Every day is a good day to give them flowers. If you are looking for fresh everyday flowers that represent femininity, here are 9 of our favourites that you can consider.


1. Pink roses


Pink roses are generally associated with admiration, grace, and femininity. Their attractive fragrance and soft petals are the epitome of many feminine qualities, such as refinement, elegance, and gentleness. In fact, pink roses can be traced back to many famous artists, poets, and writers who have mentioned or depicted them in their work, conveying specific messages and emotions.


In floral gifts and arrangements, pink roses are able to beautifully convey respect towards the recipient’s feminine qualities and messages of admiration and support. This is why they are the flower choice for celebratory events, such as International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day.


2. Yellow roses


Yellow roses are generally used to celebrate female friendships. Their vibrant and unique symbolism is usually connected to a more modern perspective of femininity. Yellow flowers are generally associated with care, joy, and friendship, making them ideal for conveying warm emotions.


Additionally, yellow roses can also mean fresh starts and new beginnings. If you are giving someone flowers as a means of celebrating a specific milestone in her life, showing support during times of growth or change, or congratulating her on her achievements, then yellow roses are the perfect bloom.


3. Lilies


Lilies, known for their fragrant blooms and vibrant appearance, are generally associated with motherhood, renewal, beauty, and purity. Depending on the type of lilies you get, each of them carries a distinctive meaning. For example, white lilies represent innocence, virtue, and purity and are typically used in religious ceremonies or weddings. Calla lilies represent gracefulness, sophistication, and beauty, making them ideal to express admiration.


4. Peonies


Peonies are commonly used across various cultures to represent feminine qualities. Their wide range of colours, combined with their full and lush blooms, are commonly associated with a happy marriage, good luck, prosperity, and romance. You may find them commonly depicted in Chinese and Japanese culture.


In Chinese culture, peonies are regarded as the “king of flowers”, symbolising peace, beauty, a high social status, honour and riches. In the Japanese culture, they are regarded as “flowers of honour and riches”, symbolising resilient and strong womanhood.


5. Daisies


Daisies are classy yet unpretentious flowers that symbolise true love and fidelity. In the past, they carried the nickname “day’s eyes” as their petals were known to close at night and open during the day. Hence, the phrase “as fresh as daisy”.


Today, daisies carry different meanings and are used to represent harmony, peace, and free-spiritedness. Daisies are versatile flowers that can represent femininity in many areas, making them ideal for a wide selection of settings.


6. Orchids


Orchids are famous for their diversity, exotic beauty, and elegance. With more than 25,000 different species, you will be spoilt for choices when it comes to choosing them to represent femininity. Orchids are commonly associated with the celebrating of womanhood’s multifaceted nature, endurance and strength, elegant love and deep affection, sophistication and luxury, as well as the individuality and uniqueness of women.


7. Carnations


Carnations, with their wide colour range and rich history, hold several meanings that symbolise different elements of femininity. In fact, they are one of the oldest cultivated flowers in the world and can be found in many types of floral arrangements. As flowers, carnations are mostly associated with distinction, fascination, and love. However, each type of carnation carries its own distinct meaning. 


For example, pink carnations symbolise a mother’s undying love, red carnations express admiration, affection, and love, white carnations represent innocence, luck, and purity, and yellow carnations carry positive and cheerful sentiments.


8. Azaleas


Known for their resilience and striking beauty, azaleas are associated with elements of femininity, such as patience, care, and tenderness. In Asian cultures, like Chinese and Japanese, azaleas are often used to celebrate the coming of home and familial bonds. In Western cultures, azaleas are a sign of passion and temperance.


Azaleas serve as a moving representation of femininity, showcasing the diversity, depth, and complexities of what being a woman means.


9. Mimosa


Mimosas are known for their fluffy and delicate appearance. In some countries, they are a common flower to give during International Women’s Day as a sign of solidarity, admiration, and respect. Mimosas carry several meanings and representations.


Firstly, they represent strength and sensitivity. Mimosas might look delicate and fragile, but they are able to grow in tough conditions. Secondly, they represent strength and empowerment. Thirdly, they represent optimism and brightness. Their bright yellow colour brings about a sense of vitality, joy, and optimism. Lastly, they represent sensitivity and elegance.




Flowers are usually the easiest gifts to give. However, you can always put in that extra effort and genuineness, researching the best flower to help convey the message you want your recipient to receive.


Whether you are giving to your female boss, clients, or colleagues as corporate flower gifts or giving your partner on date nights, Hello Flowers is here to help. With a wide variety of flowers, you can find what you need with us. If not, our team of talented florists is always eager to fulfil your requirements. Contact us today and enjoy same-day fresh flower delivery!

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