A Complete Guide To Sending Her 'Get Well Soon' Flowers

A Complete Guide To Sending Her 'Get Well Soon' Flowers

When your special woman is not feeling good, sending her a 'get well soon' flower bouquet will definitely make her day, bringing a sense of joy and comfort. Flowers have a unique healing capability and are a natural remedy for the body and mind. It can offer solace in moments of sickness, convey genuine wishes, and uplift the spirit.


In this article, we have compiled a complete guide that includes choosing the correct type of flowers, their meanings, and practical tips for choosing the best floral arrangement.


Pick flowers that radiate cheerfulness and inspire positivity


When picking 'get well soon' flowers, you have to go for bright and vibrant blooms. Oranges, pinks, and yellows are vibrant colours known to promote a sense of well-being as well as boost mood. 


Popular floral choices include tulips, daisies, and sunflowers, as they are commonly associated with feelings of rejuvenation, joy, and happiness. You might also want to combine them with aromatic blooms, such as lavender or roses, to help create a soothing and relaxing environment.

Pick flowers that radiate cheerfulness and inspire positivity


Consider her personality and preferences


While you want to uplift her spirit as she recovers, you also need to consider her personal preference. It is hard to go wrong if you pick flowers that reflect her taste. Hence, whether it is through her favourite colour or flowers, incorporate these elements into the floral arrangement.


If she has sensitivities or allergies, then you might want to consider alternatives, such as a potted plant or flowers with milder scents. Tailoring to her personality and preferences shows that you are genuine and that you care for her.


Choose flowers that symbolise recovery and healing


Certain flowers carry specific symbolic meanings, and choosing those that symbolise recovery and healing helps to add a more intimate significance to your flower gift. 


For example, daisies represent a new beginning and purity, signifying a fresh beginning for someone recovering. Lilies symbolise renewal and hope, and orchids represent resilience and strength.


Choose flowers with lighter scents


It is vital to consider that an individual who is hospitalised might be more sensitive to smell. Hence, an overpowering and strong-smelling bloom might not be the best gift. As such, it is best to select flowers with a lighter scent, such as tulips and sunflowers. Not only do they emit a gentle honey-like and floral aroma, but they also have a calming effect.


Types of floral arrangement


There are many options to choose from when gifting 'get well soon' flower bouquets. A bouquet in a vase is the classic choice that exudes vitality and freshness. You can also go for a basket arrangement that includes a personalised note or a soft toy to brighten her day further. If you want something that will last for a long time, then go for an orchid or a peace lily.


What you should and should not do


  • Do not forget to check if the care facility or hospital allows fresh flower delivery, as some may have guidelines and restrictions in place.


  • Do go for flowers that have a longer lifespan, as they ensure lasting enjoyment and beauty.


  • Do not forget always to include a heartfelt well-wish card to accompany the floral arrangement. Your words of support and encouragement will make a whole lot of difference.


  • Do consider the size of your floral arrangement. Go for something that fits nicely by her bed.




Selecting the best 'get well soon' flower bouquet for your special lady involves a touch of personalisation, consideration, and thoughtfulness. It helps to convey your genuine and loving wishes. However, more than just getting them off the rack, consider her personality and preference and choose one that you know she will enjoy. Additionally, always include a personalised card.


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