4 Pro Tips To Ensure Your Dried Flowers Do Not Have Mildews

4 Pro Tips To Ensure Your Dried Flowers Do Not Have Mildews

Preserved and dried flowers are highly sought after for their long-maintenance care routine and longevity, making them unique individual and corporate flower gifts. Despite it being “dead,” it still can be heartbreaking if mold, fungus, and mildew develop on them.


While the preservation or dehydration process helps to remove a significant amount of moisture from the flowers, preventing the development of decomposing and mold, powdery mildew can still happen. Powdery mildew is a type of fungus that does not need moisture or water to proliferate, making it a one-of-a-kind issue for preserved and dried floral bouquets.


Fortunately, we have compiled four pro tips to help you keep them mildew-free, extending their lifespan.


1. Pick the right floral bouquet


Hello Flowers have got a wide range of dried and preserved floral bouquets, depending on your budget and needs. If the receiver enjoys a classic bouquet that does not require much maintenance, then our Dolly – Agate dried and preserved flower in a jar might be perfect. Put together using a combination of preserved hydrangeas, dried cotton flowers, and preserved rose, the delicate bouquet captures the flowers’ natural beauty, making them ideal for surprising your loved one and celebrating everlasting love.


Each bouquet that you see on our website is hand-assembled by some of the best and most experienced florists you can find in Singapore. If you do not want to get such a huge bouquet, then going for our Brooks – Preserved flower cone bouquet might be ideal.


We also offer dried and preserved bridal style bouquets for those who wants something really special. Requiring an order of at least 4 days in advance, we offer two types of dried and preserved bridal-style bouquets: Willow bridal & Sweet peach. They make ideal props for pre-wedding shoots and can be repurposed as part of the flower stand decoration during the actual wedding day.


2. Maintain good air circulation for dried flowers


As your dried and preserved flowers come intact and well arranged, it is understandable that you would not want to “destroy” its look. However, separating the flowers from one another and dismantling the beautiful bouquet is inevitable. In fact, doing so allows for adequate space between the floral, the key to prevent the development of powdery mildew.


Once you have separated the flowers, ensure that they are placed at a location where air flow and circulation is adequate. Avoid leaving them close to areas that are high in humidity, such as the bathroom and kitchen. Should you want to dry them further, you can choose to hang them upside down as part of the decoration.


3. Check on your dried flowers regularly


Dried and preserved flowers are low-maintenance. However, that does not mean that you do not need to check up on them. It is good practice to go over the petals and stalks every couple of days to see if anything changes. Some of the obvious signs of powdery mildew you need to look out for include:


  • Dried or yellowing leaves


  • Circular white powdery spots that appear on the underside and upperside of the leaves


  • Your flowers look like they have been dusted with flour


Gently dusting the dried bouquet regularly can help to prevent the growth of powdery mildew. You can even lightly blow at them occasionally, but take note to be as gentle as possible, as dried bouquets can be delicate.


4. Use sulfur dust on your dried flowers


If you are really serious on holding on to your dried flowers for as long as possible, you need to take proactive measures to achieve so. Organic pesticides such as potassium bicarbonate, neem oil, and sulfur dust, are ideal in tackling powdery mildew if it has occurred or prevent it from occuring.


Depending on your method of choice, you can either apply the fungicide directly on the bouquet or gently spray it onto the flowers. Do note that if you are using a liquid-based solution, do use sparingly as overdoing it will lead to moisture build-up, which allows for mold development.




No matter whether you have gotten preserved, dried, or fresh floral bouquets, finding the right one for your loved ones can easily be ahieved with Hello Flowers. We have a wide range of everyday flower bouquets that is curated depending on the type of occasion, flower, price, and arrangement. Contact us today to get your bouquet delievered on the same day!

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