Top Tips To Help You Extend The Lifespan Of Your Cut Flowers

Top Tips To Help You Extend The Lifespan Of Your Cut Flowers

There is nothing quite like receiving a fresh flower delivery straight to your home, whether it is a surprise from your loved one or not. In fact, very few things can effectively and easily brighten the space like a fresh bunch of freshly cut blooms. Not only do they smell and look incredible, but the colours and choice of the fresh bouquet can help to add vibrancy and depth to its surroundings.


Whether you have got a thoughtful floral bouquet from your best friend as a birthday gift or a floral bouquet as a corporate gift, you would definitely want to maximise its lifespan, allowing you to enjoy the floral blooms for a little longer. In this article, we have compiled some of the best tips to help you extend the lifespan of your cut flowers, enabling them to look like they were picked yesterday.


1. Keep your cut flowers in a cool, dry place


Just as different flowers and plants have specific light and temperature requirements, so do your cut flowers. If you have the option to store or display your floral arrangement in a space away from direct heat or light, you will find that it will last longer.


Cut flowers survive longer if kept in cooler environments. The cooler the space is, the longer their lifespan is. It is as straightforward as keeping your cut flowers away from direct sunlight and far from heat sources, such as your kitchen. If your cut flowers were delivered to you in a fancy box, take them out.


2. Stem care


It is vital that you remove as many greens as possible before submerging your cut flowers in water. Doing so allows you to keep the water clean and clear, allowing your floral bloom to last longer. Trimming every green and up to 2 inches of the woody stems under running water at a 45-degree angle will boost the lifespan of your cut flowers.


The reason for trimming under running water is to prevent additional air from entering the stem. The reason for trimming at a 45-degree angle rather than flat is so that it increases the surface area, allowing your cut flower to maximise absorption of water and nutrients.


Trimming the stems a little every couple of days is a vital step in extending their lifespan, as it ensures that your cut flowers will get a continuous flow of water and nutrients in their system. Use the right tools – sharp scissors for flowers with thinner stems and a shear or clipper for ones with woodier stems.


3. Use a spotless vase


Cleaning your vase is a crucial step to keep your cut flowers as fresh as possible, as it helps to eliminate any harmful bacteria. In fact, everything we mention in this article is to eliminate the development of bacteria growth. Hence, you MUST make sure that your chosen vase has been washed in soapy, hot water and rinsed and dried completely.


One of the best ways to clean the vase is to rinse it with a soap combination of 1 part bleach and 10 parts water. That way, you can be sure that any harmful bacteria that will harm your cut flowers will be eliminated completely. If you do not clean your vase properly, the water will become slimy, smelly, and brown.


4. Feed your cut flowers


Just because the flowers have been cut does not mean they are incapable of absorbing nutrients. In fact, if you want them to last longer, beneficial food is vital. You can easily get the necessary flower food from your local florist. Most bouquet deliveries will come with a complimentary sachet of feed to keep your cut flowers lasting for at least a week longer.


The stored carbohydrates in most cut flowers deplete rapidly immediately after harvest. The key reason why most cut flowers do not last long is due to depleted carbohydrates. An effective method to retain the necessary glucose and nutrients within the flower stem is through the process called “pulsing”. It involves immersing the end of the cut flowers in a special solution that is typically sugar-based and acidic. You may leave them in the solution for a couple of hours before placing them back in their vase. Ensure that you change the water in their vase regularly to prevent bacteria buildup.


5. Mist your bouquet


This goes back to keeping your cut flowers as cool as possible. Besides changing the water in their vase regularly, they will also appreciate daily misting. In fact, misting works particularly great for specific flowers, such as hydrangeas, that can absorb water through their petals and leaves. So, if you spot your cut flowers starting to look lethargic and saggy, simply spray them with some water, and they should get right up.




Cut flower bouquets are a great gift to receive, and they should not be wasted. As long as you follow these vital tips, you should be able to enjoy them for an extended period. Nevertheless, should you enjoy fresh-cut blooms in your house, Hello Flowers offers flower subscriptions ranging from one to six months, with the option to receive them weekly, monthly, or fortnightly. Contact us today to find out how we can fulfil your floral needs, no matter what they are to be used for.

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