Corporate Flower Etiquettes To Note When Sending As Gifts

Corporate Flower Etiquettes To Note When Sending As Gifts

Gifting flowers as corporate gifts is ideal for showing your appreciation for the other party. Between businesses, it is perfectly alright to gift flowers to your prospective clients or partners to stand out from your competition.

Nevertheless, whether you are gifting corporate flowers to your colleague, boss, or client, it is vital to gift the right flower types to celebrate the occasion. In this article, we have compiled some of the corporate flower etiquette you need to observe when sending them as gifts.

Flowers for your colleagues

No matter what the reason may be, whether it is to celebrate their work anniversary, birthdays, or accomplishments when it comes to corporate flower gifts, it is vital that you do it for everybody rather than specific individuals.

The idea is to treat everybody equally with the same level of consideration and respect and not show any favouritism. Additionally, you will also want to choose the right flower. Every flower has a distinct meaning. The last thing you would want is to start a controversy with the wrong flower choice. For example, red roses are most commonly associated with romance.

The best types of flowers for employees and colleagues would be daisies, peonies, yellow roses, and tulips. Our Sunshine in a Vase arrangement offers the ideal blend of bright and colourful blooms to show them your appreciation. Also, it is crucial to consider their allergies when doing so. Sunflowers are low-pollen flowers and work best with those with allergies.

Flowers for your boss

When it comes to gifting flowers to your boss, it is advisable to avoid flowers that suggest romance or sympathy. Additionally, any corporate flower gifts should be gifted as a team and not from yourself. The only exception would be when you are sending flowers as a form of condolence for the loss of a loved one.

Flowers for male and female bosses should also be a considerable factor. For example, choose bold and strong colours for your male boss and pastel for your female boss. Here are some examples of different coloured flowers and their meaning.

White flowers: Sympathy, gratitude, or sympathy

Blue flowers: Clarity or peace

Orange flowers: Excitement or energy

Purple flowers: Success, pride, or dignity

Yellow flowers: Success, pride, or happiness

Green flowers: Renewal or rebirth

Flowers for business partners or clients

Flowers can help you to connect with your business clients or partners. Whether you are getting a mixed or classic floral arrangement, or perhaps you want to incorporate your brand colour, you will never go wrong with fresh flower delivery to show your appreciation.


Corporate flowers are ideal for business partners, clients, employees, or colleagues, no matter the occasion. If you do not know what constitutes the right occasion, it can be anything from welcoming them back, thanking them, birthday celebrations, newborn, and work anniversaries to congratulating them on a new business venture; get well soon and condolences.

If you are looking for quality corporate flower gifts, then look no further than Hello Flowers. We ensure that you get only the best floral arrangement by using the flowers that we receive on that day. Hence, every arrangement is unique and different. Contact us to find out more today!

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